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  • Consistency of aggressive feeding behaviour in dairy cows 

    Gibbons JM; Lawrence AB; Haskell MJ (2009)
    This study tests the two main characteristics of a temperament trait, consistency across time and consistency across situations. The temperament trait of interest was aggressiveness during feeding in dairy cattle. In ...
  • Is the response to humans consistent over productive life in dairy cows? 

    Haskell MJ; Bell DJ; Gibbons JM (2012)
    Dairy cattle have a high level of interaction with humans throughout their productive life. Welfare and productivity are affected if cows find these interactions aversive, so tests assessing fear of humans have been ...
  • Measuring sociability in dairy cows 

    Gibbons JM; Lawrence AB; Haskell MJ (2010)
    Sociability is the relative preference of individual animals to seek out close contact with conspecifics. The aim of this study was to develop suitable tests that could be used to measure the sociability of individual ...